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Solvvy Acquired by Zoom

Solvvy needed some UX help to build some new ML features that had never existed before on the planet.

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Mystic Stamp Co. (Discovery Center)

America's leading stamp dealer wanted a new site where their collectors could engage more with their content (and buy more stamps).

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Reach Cambridge

Reach Cambridge wanted to streamline the process of students registering for their summer school program so more people could enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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SafeSend Software Acquired Apr. 2019

With clients like Deloitte and the NYSE, SafeSend wanted to bring its site up to par with the quality of their service.

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The Cointree team was looking for a more modern user experience for their service that simplified the process of trading digital currency on their platform.

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Climbpal 200 newsletter signups on day 1

Is the rock climbing community ready for my upcoming mobile application? Find out as we take a deep dive into product validation!

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