Some resources for those impacted by COVID-19

By Marc McDougall

Are you directly involved in the COVID-19 relief effort?

Please let me know how I can help: I excel at UI/UX consulting, web design, CRO, and can spin up a WordPress microsite/landing page in a day or two.

I will not be charging anyone for efforts to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1(678) 680-2106

Resources for Everyone

Here’s a few sites I’ve found that are incredibly-useful for the general population:

(I’ll be continuing to update this as I find more resources.)

Resources for SaaS Companies

If you’re a SaaS company, I’ve got a couple of things you can do boost site conversions during isolation:

(I’ll be continuing to update this as I find more resources.)

Resources for Independent Workers

My Thoughts on the Situation

I personally feel that right now is a tremendous opportunity to differentiate yourself in the eyes of your prospects.  For your current clients, if you can do anything to help them for free, I’d highly recommended doing so.

This is also an opportunity to tighten up your positioning and become indispensable to your clients.

Although the economy is in shock right now, business has not ground to a halt.  Companies in certain verticals still need to deliver, and if you’re positioned properly, you can help them.

For any other independent workers that are feeling the impact, here’s some thoughts and resources for you:

(I’ll be continuing to update this as I find more resources.)

Final Thoughts

I know it seems bad right now, but we’re going to get through this.

For those of us that do, it will be an enormous test of our perseverance, and we’ve got an easy decade waiting for us on the other side.

If you’re struggling right now, what’s helped me is knowing that we’re all in this together.  Everyone is feeling the same pain you are (some more than others, that’s for sure), and the global economy is a stubborn beast.  I’m personally quite optimistic that we’ve learned enough from the past to get through this more quickly than we have back then.

Nevertheless, try your best to be kind to yourself and others for the next few months.  We’re going to be dealing this for a while, so might as well try and enjoy the time to reflect.

Stay sane out there friend.