My Process

The Clarity Call

Everything starts with a Strategy Call — this is where we really drill down and see what actually needs to be done and determine if there’s a good fit between us.

If there is, then we’ll start with a small audit project first, and go from there.

Discovery: Finding the holes in the bucket

Once we’ve done some initial diagnosis, we’ll start with one (or more) of the following audits to get some quick wins for your product:

The Messaging Audit

If you work in a complex industry or tend to have difficulty explaining the value you offer to customers.

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The Customer Journey Audit

If your messaging is solid, but customers are still not converting into new trials or demos.

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The Sales Funnel Audit

If you're doing some sort of direct outreach campaign, or if your inbound marketing campaigns aren't getting clicks.

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The Onboarding Audit

If you're getting tons of signups, but very few activations to paying subscriptions.

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The Page Speed Audit

If your site doesn't load in under 3 seconds on a mobile 3G connection, then we'll need to start here.

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The CRO Audit

Or…if you just want to totally get this off your plate and do absolutely everything you can to land more happy subscribers, we can start with an all-inclusive CRO audit.

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An abstract image of the conversion rate audit.

Implementation: Patching the holes

If you want me to implement my suggestions for you, I’ll first design any changes in a prototyping tool, and get it in-front of customers so we can validate the ideas.

Then, I’ll hop in there and make the changes on your site.

When we’re done, you’ll have…

  • Much clearer messaging that resonates with your customers (so they buy more!)
  • Peace of mind, knowing that people are actually reading your sales copy.
  • A much faster site that doesn’t cause people to bounce.
  • Ultimately, more demo signups!

That’s right: your salespeople are going to hate this project. 🙂

A/B Testing: Getting to "Goldilocks"

Once my changes are out in the wild, I’ll continue to A/B test different tweaks until we’ve really dialed everything in just right (Goldilocks style).

Although the A/B testing itself is an optional step, if I end up working with you at all, I’ll check up on you to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the results.

I’m building long-term relationships with people here, so I’ll be sticking around for until you’re really sick of me. 😉


Alright…Let’s Do This