Want some quick tips that’ll help you land more demos & trials?

Every other Wednesday, I host a free Webinar where I talk about topics like…

  • “How to design a SaaS marketing site that converts.”
  • “How to craft a compelling header for your landing page.”
  • “How to build case studies that sell.”
  • “How to send emails that get you booked.”

Most of the time, I’ll ask participants to share their site URLs so I can provide some free advice for them, too.

If stuff like this interests you, then come on by to the next one on July 17th 2024!

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Don’t want to join live?  That’s cool, too.

Here’s a recent webinar I hosted, where someone submitted their website for a quick teardown.

This’ll give you a feel for how they usually run.

Check out the recording to see if you’d like to join the next one. 🙂