Scheduled: Your Clarity Call

Great — thanks for scheduling a Clarity Call with me.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The call will last ~1 hour.
  • I’ll be asking quite a few questions about theย why behind your project.
  • We’ll be assess whether or not we’re a good fit from a personality/communication style.
  • Feel free to send me anything you’d like me to review.

If next steps aren’t clear after this first hour (but there’s an obvious high-level fit between us), I may suggest another hour or two so we can really dial in on your needs.

How do I join the call?

You should receive a calendar invite shortly — you’ll find the Google Meet link in there.ย  I’ll also be sending it to you a few hours before our call in case it gets lost.

If all else fails, I’ll just call you on the phone and we can go from there.

Anyway, that’s all there is to it!ย  Looking forward to talking with you.

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Marc McDougall
Clarity-First Consulting