I always like to leave a little insight for other designers that hints to what tools or other sites I used as inspiration for this site.  As most of you will understand, good designers imitate others as they continue to grow and develop their own style: the purpose of this section is to really hit that home.

I didn’t come up with this fantastic site on my own, I pulled inspiration from a variety of other sources.

Here they are:

  • Smashing Magazine: I used these guys as a foundation for the clean use of typography and spacing that you see throughout the site.
  • I used Stripe as the basis for the design “feel” of the website.  It also played a heavy role in helping me to understand the information architecture for my site.
  • Mark Manson’s Blog: I really enjoyed how easy it was to read his blog, so I based a ton of my blog formatting & copywriting style on his site.

There’s also a bunch of other frameworks that hold my site together.  Without them, the site would be nowhere near as sexy:

Like many budding designers out there,  I used to be totally overwhelmed when I saw another designer’s site, thinking that I could never do the same.

So with that in mind, I’d like to leave you with this: although this site is stellar, please simply remember that I did not build it alone. 🙂