Leave a Testimonial

Thank you for wanting to leave a review for me!  I live and die by honest customer feedback, so this means a ton to me.

Alright, so there’s a couple of ways you can leave a testimonial:

Either of these will do!

How to leave a really useful testimonial…

Think about a testimonial from the perspective of someone that wants to read them.  What do they want to know?

They probably have questions about my process, and deep concerns about trust.

So, if you want to really knock the testimonial out the park, you want to answer some of those questions.

Here’s some prompts:

  • Was there anything that you were concerned about before hiring me that went away after you did so?
  • What did you find most valuable about our project together?
  • Did I actually move the needle for your business?
  • Was there anything that you didn’t like about our project?
  • Would you recommend me to your colleagues?

In the end, please just be honest & specific in your review.  That’s what counts!

If you’re feeling reeeeallly generous…

If you have a bit of time to kill, I would be thrilled if you would make a quick testimonial video (30 seconds max) outlining your experience with me.

This is the most compelling type of testimonial, but of course it requires a bit more effort on your part.