The Customer Journey Audit

The Customer Journey Audit usually takes a little longer, but it has a strong impact on conversion rates.

Basically, I’ll do my best to get into the heads of your customers (ideally, interviewing a few of them), and find out what they need from your marketing site in order to signup.

Is this right for me?

If this describes you, then I’ll probably recommend a Customer Journey Audit:

  • Your messaging is solid, but customers are still not converting into trials/demos.
  • You have a particularly long sales cycle.
  • You’re in the B2E (business to enterprise) space.

The Customer Journey Audit is like a much more potent version of the messaging audit that covers the entire site, not just primary landing pages.

What do I get?

When we’re done, you’ll have…

  • More customers signing up because they feel like you’re reading their minds.
  • A deeper understanding about the pain/pleasure circuits that drive your customers to sign up for your service.
  • Clarity around the key trigger points that cause people to sign up for your service.
  • Insight into your competitors and what they’re doing well.

In the end, you’ll know that if someone doesn’t sign up for your application, it’s not because of the content of your marketing site.

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