The Onboarding Audit

More demos isn’t always the answer.  Sometimes, you’re getting plenty of demos and trials, but very few activations.

The Onboarding Audit is where we take a look at what happens after someone signs up for a demo (or a free trial).

Is this right for me?

If this describes you, then I’ll probably recommend an Onboarding Audit:

  • You’re getting lots of signups, but very few activations to paid subscriptions.
  • You don’t have a dedicated customer experience team in-house.
  • When your customers activate, they stick around for at least 6 months.

The Onboarding Audit helps me to find ways to actually improve the bottom line for your SaaS, when demos & trials aren’t getting the job done.

What do I get?

When we’re done, you’ll have…

  • More customer activations, boosting MRR.
  • More evangelical customers than you’ve ever had before.
  • Real relationships with your customers, that you can leverage to make your SaaS product better and better.

In the end, you won’t have to deal with all the headaches and unknowns around customer activations: “What if we did this?”  “What about that?”

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