The Page Speed Audit

I don’t pretend like I have all the answers, but having done this for so long I know the people that do.

If your page load time is having a direct impact on conversions, I’ve got a couple of folks that I’ll put you in touch with who can get that sorted first.

Then, we can talk again if there’s still no improvement.

Remember, this is my practice.

When you go to a doctor and you have a symptom with which they’re unfamiliar, what do they do?

Yep β€”Β they refer you to another specialist.

I treat these projects exactly the same way: if I don’t know enough to properly solve the problem, I will point you towards someone that does.

The Clarity Call is a means to uncover what really needs to happen.

That means that sometimes you don’t actually need my help right now, and that’s okay.

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