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Well…you don’t.

Unless you’re really enthused about what you’ve seen so far, I don’t want you to subscribe.

I only want people to hear from me if they’re genuinely interested and excited to participate in the community.

What will we talk about?

To help you make the decision, here’s what you can expect from my weekly emails:

  • High-level strategy and positioning concepts, outlined in a relevant way for SaaS product owners.
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  • Conversation-style discussions about highly-debated topics in the SaaS world.
  • The occasional soap-box about my frustrations with the industry. 😄

There’s also a little on-boarding course that you’ll go through to make sure that your newsletter experience is tailored to your interests.

What’s the catch?

I do this because I enjoy it.

However, the incentive for me is that over time, I hope to find a home in your mind so that when you need someone that does what I do, I’ll be your first port of call.

There’s no sales-y nonsense in the newsletter —  just pure, free value.

I’m a long-time subscriber of the idea that you should always be learning and growing.  My weekly newsletter follows that principle.

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