Although I’m currently keeping this a one-man show, I’m always in the market for building relationships with other freelance professionals.

Regarding Out-sourcing…

If you’re looking to have me outsource the development or design process itself to you, I don’t do that — please refrain from contacting me with those offers.

Right now, I really need to get to know…

  • Someone that’s damn good at SEO.
  • Someone that knows digital marketing in and out (I suck at this and my clients regularly ask for help here).
  • A copywriting professional.
  • Someone that knows how to build really complicated WordPress plugins.
  • Anyone interested in learning and growing as a freelancer.
  • Anyone that has been in my shoes before and has grown their business into a larger agency.

If you think we can genuinely help each other out, please shoot me and line and we’ll go from there.