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My list of job boards that post remote contract jobs

As many people have found themselves (perhaps involuntarily) embracing the freelance life lately, I've put together a list of the top remote job boards. Enjoy!

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Milk, Pepsi, and keeping clients happy.

Expectations often taint your perspective of reality much more than reality itself, and you can use this to minimize conflicts with your clients or customers.

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The pathological proposal process

Alliteration is only one of the strange games we play. In this post, I examine the "send me a proposal" game, and what it really means.

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Finding stable housing as a freelancer

When I first started out, the prospect of finding stable housing as a freelancer scared me to death.

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Why you should ignore anyone that thinks you’re “trying too hard”

This idea has always baffled me.  Why do people care so much if you really try to accomplish something?  It wasn't until reading a few "high-and-mighty" self-he

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