Networking in Atlanta: The Ultimate Guide

By Marc McDougall

When I first started networking in Atlanta, everyone kept telling me:

“Marc, just go out and mingle, relationships mean everything!”

I quickly learned that doing this was a fantastic way to waste my time.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve attended a tremendous amount of local networking events and learned what works and what doesn’t: this guide is a summary of that knowledge!

Who is this guide for?

  • If you’re starting to grow your own business, this guide is certainly for you.
  • If you’ve been networking in Atlanta for a while now, this guide will be a great refresher (you’ll probably find a few new tactics, too).

More generally, this guide is aimed at anyone who is currently struggling either finding new networking opportunities in Atlanta or to get much value out of the events she is already attending.

Why a Networking Guide?

Frankly, networking is hard to do well (especially for introverts like myself).  It’s physically and emotionally draining and if you’re not seeing the results you want from your daily grind, it can get incredibly frustrating.

This guide will lessen that frustration by providing you with a structured plan for networking success.

Table of Contents

Given that this is a comprehensive networking guide, we’re going to be tackling the issue from many different fronts.  Although I encourage you to read the whole thing, please feel free to skip ahead to certain sections that you feel will be of more relevance to your particular situation.

Here they are…

Chapter 1: Defining Effective Networking Goals

Chapter 2: Finding (Valuable) Networking Events

Chapter 3: Hosting Your Own Networking Events

Chapter 4: Preparing for Events Events

Chapter 5: Working the Room During the Event

Chapter 6: Following Up After the Event

Chapter 7: A Quick Summary of Everything

If you’re ready to stop shooting in the dark at networking events, then let’s get started by defining some effective networking goals!

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