The most common problem with most SaaS marketing sites

By Marc McDougall

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (or my sexy newsletter), then you’ll know that I’m a stickler for clear, simple messaging.

This is because I see messaging as an enormous opportunity for SaaS company owners to win, and they almost never get it right!

Check out this showcase of beautiful SaaS landing pages that was posted to Reddit yesterday:

The website that showcases a couple of good landing page examples.
Check the site out and browse through some of the landing pages they have there. Most of them are pretty good!ย  Source:

Although most of these examples are stunning visually, a few of them miss the mark on just explaining what problem they solve for customers.

I’d argue that this is much more important than soliciting trust from the user with a clean, modern design aesthetic.

Here’s one of the sites from the list that is aesthetically beautiful, but drops the ball on messaging:

The homepage hero experience for Consider Email Marketing
Does my email really need to be reimagined? What does that even mean?

Digging a little deeper, it seems like Consider is some sort of conversation-management tool that integrates with your email client to keep track of ideas, updates, and conversations so they don’t get buried….I think?

Assuming that’s what they do, here’s some title text that really clarifies the problem they solve for people:

The landing page for Consider, with the title text tweaked to be more clear.
Sure it’s a bit rough around the edges, but even as a first draft this is so much clearer!

Okay, great, the titles are simpler now…but who cares?

Here’s why this matters: if you don’t explain the problem you solve for me quickly, it’s hard for me to justify staying around.

Of course, not everyone that hits your primary landing page is going to convert — that’s a fantasy.ย  However, there are people whoย would have probably converted if there wasn’t as much friction between them and your service.

Here’s how I see it:

An unclear value proposition is a huge piece of friction: it’s like a dirty piece of glass that obscures everything else about the site experience.

This isย such a common problem in the SaaS space, and I’m personally on a mission to save people from unclear messaging.

I’m a big believer that your marketing funnel needs to start with clarity (and hopefully keep it all the way to the end).

Although in an ideal world, you’d spend a few days talking with customers first, I’m certain that most business owners can come up with a clearer value proposition in just a few minutes of honest reflection.

Want to do this yourself?

I’ve put together a “homepage header” workbook that you can download if you want to tighten up the messaging on your landing page.

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