Building a Homepage Header that Converts

Having difficulty crafting that juicy homepage header that really explains the problem you solve in an intuitive way? This should help you get there.

Are people confused about your SaaS product? Is it hurting the bottom line?

If you have a ton of traffic that seems to drop off from the homepage, then you probably have a messaging issue.

If your solution is not abundantly-clear within 3 seconds of page load, you’re losing customers.

With all the options available to customers these days, you want to make it dead easy for them to sign up, and that’s what this will help you do.

Honestly, you don’t need this workbook.

It’s just so easy to get this right.  But…if you want to hedge your bets, then this workbook will basically guarantee that you’re left with a very, very clear homepage header.

Here’s what you’ll get with this…

  • A beautifully-formatted (and interactive…🤩) PDF with everything you need to build a super clear homepage header that converts.
  • More people signing up for your service, generally.
  • You’ll know that if someone doesn’t sign up for your product, it’s not because they don’t understand what you do.

All this—and more!—can all be yours, for the low, low price of….FREE!

(…but really, you just have to listen to me rant about SaaS CRO every Friday via Email 😉).

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