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I'm always sitting on my soapbox telling people to talk to their customers...but how do you actually get them on the phone? This guide will show you the way.

Look — getting people on the phone is a real pain.

…but it doesn’t have to be that bad.

When I’m met with resistance after asking marketing teams to get their customers on the phone, I ask to look at their past attempts at doing so.

I always see the same things:

  • Boring, undifferentiated email templates.
  • Almost no personalization.
  • Their body text is filled with corporate-speak.
  • It doesn’t seem like the email was actually written by a human.

If you want to get people on the phone to share some insights into what might be going wrong with your SaaS app, you have to send effective emails.

That’s what this guide will help you do.

Here’s what you’ll get with this…

  • More customer actually opting-in to your requests to interview them.
  • Less people churning out of your app, because you actually get to talk to those that do.
  • A more engaged, evangelical customer base that actually feels connected to your brand.
  • You’ll save countless hours banging your head against the wall with email templates that just don’t work.

All this—and more!—can all be yours, for the low, low price of…FREE!  Snag your copy today:

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